The Formation World Tour

When Beyoncé announced her tour via a commercial after her Superbowl performance I got the chills.   She dominated the half-time stage and the world knew an album was imminent.   My niece's birthday was also approaching soon after tickets went on sale so I jumped at the idea of gifting her a ticket to see the Queen B with me.  Genna turned 14 and loves to dance, Beyoncé would be her first concert.   

Seeing Yoncé was a spectacle.   The visuals of the transitions and of each song were amazing.  At one point Blue Ivy came on the huge screen in a transition and the entire crowd screamed.  Prior to the show I had checked her set list and I made a Spotify playlist with all of the songs to listen to leading up to the big day so I had an idea of what songs to expect.   What I loved most is she didn't do the album versions of the songs.  Kitty Kat for example she only sang a portion of in a sultry voice while patting her kitty kat.   Most songs had samples of other songs (like The Doors 5 to 1 sample in Ring the Alarm).  The wall at the rear of the stage was made completely of speakers and the rectangular prism of a screen opened and rotated throughout her set.  This was all part of the THX experience, much like at the beginning of a movie it you hear the sound effect we heard it just before she opened with Formation.  

I captured all photos with my Olympus OM-D EM10 (zoom lens, though yes, the Rose Bowl only allows lenses that are no bigger than 3.5").   I also captured a few dozen videos but editing them together will take a bit longer.  


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