Star Wars Fiesta

A year ago my husband turned 30.  To commemorate this milestone birthday I wanted to surprise him.  Knowing him he would just want to have burgers and watch a movie, simple guy.  But I wanted to celebrate bigger, I have only known him since he was 19.   I thought, what does John love... menudo and Star Wars............. So a surprise brunch was born!  I made pozole for the first time and my sister-in-law brought the menudo.  

As you can see we munched on fruit salad with Tajín and lime and micheladas.  His cake was from Nothing Bundt Cakes (kept it easy).  

Click through to see the rest of the photos, especially the piñata!

I used his toys as cake toppers. 
This might be the strangest Darth Vader piñata ever, but he was going to be destroyed anyway.  
What do you gift a 30 year old, grown man?  Vintage Star Wars toys of course.  
My Death Star isn't the best.  I didn't have a lot of time to do things in secret because we would be home at the same time!  So I used a sharpie to mark up this paper lantern that morning. 

Years ago I remember seeing Chepo Peña's Star Wars rendition of the classic Mexican bingo game (Pinterest or Instagram probably).  I kept an eye out for when I could get a set myself. Little did I know I would be getting one of the most coveted sets of Loteria!  Latino's everywhere fell in love with the set because it's a game we are all very familiar with.   I learned today while getting links to link back to him that last year he was fighting cancer.... I hope he is doing better.  

So we played loteria, classic bingo way (because if you are Mexican or know Mexicans, every group has their way of playing or favorite version of play.  To make it spicy some even play for money! Oh what!).  

Space Loteria was the perfect game for the afternoon. 


And there you have it.  Could he have asked for a better way to ring in his 30th?  Nope likely not.  

Fiesta on, 

Oh and if you're wondering if the surprise worked, like was it truly  a sopresa, watch the vid below.  

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