DIY Lemonade Cap

I don't live with any regrets, except for one... not wearing my fur coat to the Formation concert.  So instead I wore it to take the photos for this easy DIY.   Beyoncé (and team) continue to woo and  awe us with all that they do.  Though personally I wasn't that impressed by Ivy Park.   Her Boycott Beyoncé tees, Beyhive Boys tees among the slew of slay worthy items in her merch booth at concerts and some available online on her website.  

One item was a white baseball cap with an embroidered lemon on the front and BEYONCE in small print just above the adjustable strap.   But at a pretty $35 I knew a DIY version was more my budget.  
So I picked up a plain white cap for a cool $3 and used paint I already had.  

Lightly sketch the shape of the lemon and continue with a small brush to paint it shades of yellow.  I used two shades of yellow and blended a bit to give the lemon similar shades to the embroidered version.   It took me all of 20 minutes for this cap and only cost me $3!

I'm also loving all of the handmade Lemonade inspired products on Etsy.  


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