Visit: Palm Springs Moorten Botanical Garden

Having my birthday land while in my first trimester or pregnancy isn't that exciting.  I am very glad that so far I've had little to no morning sickness.  I will say that my worst and most extreme symptom has been f a t i g u e.  Come March I'm usually totally underway with planning a birthday celebration... but not this year.  I just don't have the energy.   So instead we opted for a weekend in the desert.  We started in Indio where my godmother has retired and my parents joined us there.  Spending time with her and my parents was so nice.  My godmother lives in a newly built community living the sweet, sweet retired life. 

Part of my birthday gift from my mom was this adorable thrifted (and unused) journal. 

John and I carried on to Palm Springs, Kings Highway (in the Ace Hotel) for brunch, pool lounging at the Ace pool, and a stroll through the Moorten Botanical Garden.   A beautiful garden stroll for $5, you can't beat it.  Hands down, it is a must when you are in Palm Springs.  What also most intrigues me is that they host events.... future birthday.... that's an idea! I also had to take the opportunity for a photo op of my soon to be baby bump. 

What's your favorite weekend getaway or favorite Palm Springs sight-to-see?  Word to the wise, the Coachella Valley is incredibly busy because of Coachella, duh, and Stagecoach from April - May.  One area of the valley I would like to visit is Desert Hot Springs.... 


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