Sssssurprise Eggs

I made something!   The last few weeks have been unproductive on the craft front.  That is about to change in the coming 2 weeks (CRAFTCATION!).   But Sunday is Easter and I wanted to make some cute eggs- and that I did.  I had never hollowed eggs, but it proved pretty easy.   I was torn... I was going to make a set of confetti eggs... but  I had some small succulents from my recent trip to DTLA and I just had to use them for the eggs.   

Surprise!!! We're expecting!

You only need a solid day to make these cuties.  Once you hollow the eggs, rinse and dry you can prepare for painting them.  I followed this diy for the egg art (nail polish marbling).  After drying overnight I filled the eggs, but really that could happen same day.

So go for it- make a set of your own! 
What are you diy-ing for Easter?


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