DIT&O Weekend 11

Where my mom creates her art. 

Where Ziggy thinks about life while my mom is busy in her studio. 
One of the best nooks with a canopy of bougainvillea for shade.  

My dad has had this monstera delicosa since I was born.  
I painted that parrot in Cabo San Lucas as a kid. 

This past Sunday I spent a lovely day at my parents.  I had no objective other than to lounge and spend time with my parents.   Can you tell why I (and all of my friends) love their yard?  Its lush, green, has nooks to lay around in and there are cats (and two dogs) everywhere (my heaven).  This last cat pictured is Beastman- when I moved to LA I tried to move him with me, but he was having none of it.  The kitten in the greenery is a stray and probably feral.   Also every time I'm there, my mom catches me up on the developments in her art studio.  Previously my bedroom and then the home office, in my mom's early retirement she discovered her inner artist.  She surprises me with her paintings, collages and creativity.

Now it only took me an entire week to post this.... I'm off to celebrate my life annual in Palm Springs.


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