Anything for Selenas

I still remember watching the news with my mom when news broke this day 21 years ago.  I still remember listening to Dreaming of You while starring out my window singing about the love I didn't yet have.   Selena will never be forgotten because we can never forget her.  Her adoring fans proved to MAC how dearly we want to see Selena products.  A petition for a makeup line  is the reason the beauty company began talks with the Quintanilla family.

(Not sure how I feel about the digital reincarnation of her performing live though...)

Watch this tear-jerking video montage to Dreaming of You, but be warned, you'll need tissues.  

A few years ago, I received this book from a good friend for my birthday.  It's written by Chris Perez who we all know was her husband.  It's incredibly emotional and you feel his love for her and his pain for her loss.  You will definitely cry, a lot- at least I did.

Latinx/Chicanx makers continue to handmake products commemorating Selena, because there are a lot of people like me out here looking for them.

Want for example a Saint Selena Quintanilla // Our Holy Mother of Tejano Music Prayer Candle?  It's out there.

Other handmade items found on the webz:

La Reina del Tex-Mex print 
Anything for Selena tank 

Selena Quintanilla Patch  (I *need* one)

Selenas Loteria tee

Downloadable Selena Print 

Apple Sauced So I Know It's Real Tee
via AppleSauced 

Los Angeles designer known as Raggedy Tiff makes wearable art and it's beautiful.  Her pieces are inspired by "L.A culture, Mexican heritage, Folk Art, Vivid Colors, Street Fashion, & Rare fabrics".   She wrote a sweet letter to the Tejano queen in her most recent blog post. 

How are you remembering Selena today?

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