Rosarito Weekend Getaway

Colorful casita we stayed in, via Airbnb

My dad's car got stuck in a ditch in this parking lot once. 


My dear friend is a planner just like me.  She makes up her mind, plans and DOES IT.  I really admire that.  One random day, she messages me "want to go to Rosarito"... to which I said, yes, duh.
As a kid, my parents would take my brother and I across the board from what seemed like monthly.  We drove in on a Friday night (smooth crossing, some traffics in San Diego) and made it to our airbnb.  Admittedly we had some trouble finding it. You rely on directions given by the host with descriptions of what to look for. In the dead of night, it was easy to miss some of those details.   

We did it all from Papas and Beer for drinks and bottle service (😂 super cheap), horseback riding on the beach, shrimp and fish tacos, shopping and exploring. It was incredibly reminiscent for me. Going to Puerto Nuevo reminded me of the countless times I went as a kid.  Going back to explore gave me some déjà vu moments but also an opportunity to find new spots like the cute coffee shop. 

I got a lot of side eye when I told people I was going. With their main concern being safety.  We were 4 young women and we never felt unsafe. We took cabs into the downtown Rosarito area, the mobile home park had 24-hour security, and we were conscious of sticking together and looking out for one another. We made friends with the Papas and Beer staff and ended up going there twice.  Definitely due to the season (February) it was a bit of a ghost town. 

I write this as the husband and I drive down to Rosarito for a few days. It's much needed R&R and how better than on the beach with a mango on a stick?!

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