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We went to Rosarito for a 3 day mini vacation. 
I took my niece on her first driving lesson.  
John was home and he made us an enchilada dinner. 

We went to a wedding. 
John and I enjoyed a lovely dinner for our anniversary on a rooftop. (Oh and he broke his hand.) 
Following dinner we went to our first Lucha Va Voom.  
Celebrated our 1st anniversary in Palm Springs. 
Finally, walked around DTSA with my parents and friends at Noche de Altares. 

Well hello there!  For whatever reason you may have chosen to visit this blog, I thank you.  I'm not sure if it's because it's November, the month of Thanksgiving, but I'm feeling pretty thankful and happy lately (#blessed- I loathe that hashtag).  Before I elaborate on that, I feel I must address the lapse in my posts.  It's not the first time this has happened and whilst I have a full time job, probably not the last lapse either.   If you haven't already noticed... the url to my blog changed!  It's now www.hellodito.co (formerly www.DITandO.com)!  Funny story, my husband let the domains we own expire... like a while back.  Getting them back was a pain but in our back and forth to regain our ownership, my husband had an idea: why not change the domain?  And well, I agreed, why not.

I've been MIA for 3 months, and the last three months have been very busy for me professionally.  I am going to Guatemala for work!  It's so exciting and in 26 days I'll be on the plane with 30 students and other chaperones and staff members.  Please, please, take a moment to read why we're going and even donate (anything, something!) if you can.  

In other news, John and I are going to Europe for the holidays!  More details to come.

So back to feeling thankful for a lot of things.  There are a lot of supportive people around me and that makes me really happy, obviously.  Though it keeps me from blogging as much as I wish I could, and getting up in the morning is hard for me any day of the week, I love what I do.  As my husband travels the country making reality TV, I cherish the time he is home and we've taken day trips here and there (like celebrating our 1 year anniversary in Palm Springs over Halloween weekend!).   A huge reason I am feeling thankful is we (myself and the people around me) lead very privileged lives.  Listening and reading the news, I am aware there are so many horrible things happening every day all around the world.  And while I sit here and write a blog post, I remember that real people have much bigger problems like having a place to live, having something to eat, or living in fear of oppression.  It's a lot to process and that's probably why I feel so thankful for my life and situation.

I want to blog, to share my experiences and to inspire those around me to get out of the habit of living to work and instead work to live.  I need to heed my own advice too.

I've shared some  photos from the last 3 months.  Check back soon for updates.

Let's get to doing it together... and often.


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