Tiny Car Tapestry

At the begging of the year I was in a car accident that left my car with damage over the worth of the vehicle.  John and I decided to sell it for as much as we could and buy a new car.  We went with a 2015 Honda Fit!  I love the thing and as a new car owner I want to deck it out with cool accessories.  A few weeks back I went on a weaving binge (some projects are still unfinished...) and I made a tiny weave for my car.  I used a bulletin board for the "frame".   Because it's so small it's a quick project and easy to make corrections if you aren't a pro at weaving (which I am not).    I used a skewer to hang it from and embroidery thread to hang.  It looks so cute hanging in my car.... but.... doing this is not exactly legal.  Hanging anything from a rear view mirror is *technically* a ticket-able offense.  Not many people know this because seeing things hung, a rosary, tiny shoes, necklaces, etc. is common.

Here is my wish list of car accessories: 

(I just purchased this! Excited for it since my last one didn't fit the iPhone 6+)

How do you personalize your car?  

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