DIT&O Weekend 10

My face says it all. 

I basically haven't had a solid weekend since 4th of July weekend.  But finally, alas!  Some photos of 2 great days to share.   My job in the summer is 24/7, basically, so having weekends is near impossible.  But to retain a bit of my sanity and relieve stress, I'm making sure to make time not working.  So this "weekend" was two non-consecutive days!  My first day "off" in 14 days was this past Thursday and I did exactly what I wanted to do.   Lounged on the beach and went to happy hour for margaritas.  We went to Malibu Lagoon State beach and Casa Escobar, conveniently across the street, after.   

Saturday after sending some of my international groups to Disneyland and Seaworld, John and I cleaned and enjoyed the comfort of just being home.  Wanting to escape the heat and bright sun, we went to Arclight to watch Amy and ate an e-n-t-i-r-e bucket of popcorn.   As a huge fan of Amy Winehouse, it was nice to see the context of the music she wrote.  Accompanying the drama and stories, a song would begin to play and we would see clips of her recording the track or singing it on stage.  

From there we went to DTLA for KCRW's Chinatown Summer Nights.  I'm subscribed to We Like LA's weekly email and it comes in handy when we're looking for something to do other than the usual.  The energy there was incredible.  Everything was COVERED in CONFETTI (my dream come true).  People were laughing, dancing, playing, eating, drinking, it was all magic on a beautiful summer evening.  

I'm doing a much better job at a balance with work and my life, so I hope to get back into my regular-blog post-groove.  

Until then party animals, 

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