Wedding Food: Kala Truck & Paletero

Here's a nice flashback  to the day I married John.  For catering we went with a referral.  A friend of mine went to a wedding, loved their food and suggested it.  After tasting it myself and getting prices, we were in.   Kala Truck is a local Orange County truck that is Mexican food with a modern spin.  Our guests had options for their 2 tacos and one entree.  It was plenty of food!  You can also find them on Yelp

For dessert, along with cake, I wanted a paletero (ice cream man).  Unfortunately for our guests, the evening was chilly because it had rained the night before and the morning of the wedding.   The brisk breeze didn't leave many guests wanting paletas, but there were hot cheetos to keep you warm.    In my parent's neighborhood, paletero's drive up and down the streets playing music to get kids to run outside and buy something off of the truck, this ice cream man was a regular on our block and his daughter was a former after school student of mine.  One afternoon when my parents and I were getting paletas from him, I asked him if he would be able to bring the truck to the wedding (which was 6 months away) and he said sure! 

I wish an ice cream man was driving down the block right now.... 

Happy weekend! 


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