Vision Board Making Party

More sangria please! 

I subscribe to a handful of magazines.  Monthly I receive my 5 or so magazines, (House Beautiful, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, LA Magazine, Bust, DIY Magazine, and my newest subscription of Modern Cat to name a few off the top of my head) and each month they sit in a stack awaiting to be read.  As the next month's magazines arrive they are added to the pile.  On the day I finally decide that time allows for me to sit and peruse magazines the glossy pages inspire me.  Clipping images from a magazine and pinning them to a cork board is the original Pinterest and I still very much appreciate it.  

On one occasion of my catch-up-magazine-reading sessions, I came across an article in Marie Claire titled, "Vision Quest", where the writer was invited to a "vision-boarding" party and reluctantly she went and put a board together.  She realized as some time had passed that things on her board had begun to manifest.   I was left inspired and began planning my own shindig.  It didn't take a lot of planning, just coordinating schedules and hoping my very busy friends could make it.  

Below you'll find a list of what you'll need to host your own party.   I say variety in magazines because I didn't have any fitness magazines; one of my friends is a fitness coach and wanted to clip fit chicks for her board.  Other than that, we all had no problem finding pictures and words that suited us.  The sangria I made was delicious and the garnish was just the perfect pop of color and gave the glass the perfect cocktail look.   We started on the patio when there were a few of us but with additional ladies and the wind picking up, it worked out for us to move inside on the big table.  It was so nice to meet a few new ladies and we all talked and the conversation took turns highlighting each lady as they discussed their dreams, goals, wishes, and desires.   We snacked, clipped, drank, and laughed.   It was a perfect evening.  

Host a Vision Board Making Party

You'll Need
poster board/construction paper one per person
glue sticks  one per person
scissors (ideally one pair per person)
large table 
a dozen magazines (at least & a good variety)
sangria recipe and ingredients optional
snacks optional
music! We had a variety of my playlists and a Latin/Bossa Nova mix that was great for the mood.  

I hope this leave you inspired to host your very own "Vision Board Making Party".   Find me on Instagram with #doittogetherandoften to see other DIT&O events and shindigs.  


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  1. Looks like so much fun! I was so bummed I couldn't make it.Maybe I can have a little mini "Summer vision board" party with Isabella and her friend at home. I love the idea of a vision board! Since you posted about the party I read a few articles about them and love the idea.