Karissa Drunk in Love: A Beyonce Themed Bachelorette Weekend Part 1

I am not alone in my adoration of the Queen Bey, Beyonce.  My friends all know me as the planner, maker and do-er of all things.  So when it came time to execute a bachelorette celebration prior to my nuptials, I had the great idea of having a Palm Springs-Yonce themed weekend.   I did so much to prep and plan a perfect weekend for the best gals, because while the norm is for the bride's friends to plan and deal with an underwhelmed bride, I wanted to plan a fun weekend to thank them.  (I gave my friends and family full control of the bridal shower and I knew nothing!)


Having been inspired by the Meet.Make.Do. event, also held in Palm Springs, I wanted lots of beach balls.   I loved the XL beach ball with text on it, so I recreated it, but instead with lyrics, duh, from "Grown Woman".   I made a glitter banner "Drunk in Love" that we hung perfectly above the bar.  One of my girlfriends made fringed gift bags for the ladies with lip balm, water bottles, hand sanitizer, candy and headache meds.  I added festive headbands, mini scrapbooks and the weekend's itinerary. (You'll see the scrapbooking in action... scroll down!)  I also found light up head bands like the one that Beyonce wore in her XO video.

Music is a must and Spotify is my go to.  I created my own playlist:  Karissa's Bachelorette Weekend and Spotify has a curated list called Girl's Night.   Food and drinks, equally as important, were a shared responsibility.  I have amazing girlfriends that all brought food and drinks to share.

Pool Time 

These photos are evidence, the beach balls were a great idea.  Oh Joy! for Target summer cups were perfect for our drinks.   Because the fringed headbands I gave the girls and had myself were paper, I came prepared with lace bunny ears for the pool.  (Also very Yonce esque) 

One of my bridesmaids made the pinata. 

Craft Time 

Each of the  girls got their own scrapbook for the weekend.  I brought all of the supplies needed for them to deck the pages out and Fujifilm Instax cameras for them to take photos.   And of course there was crafting... I'm me and I love crafts.   I cut out individual letters for the girls to put ANGEL,  Flawless, Post Up, and Wake Up on a flannel.  "Bring your own flannel" was on the invite.  

 Crafting at breakfast.

Checking out the photo challenge! 

In the bathroom I had metallic tattoos for all!!!   (Because, Beyonce... do I even need to say...)

Making flannel shirts! 

Play Time
We set up a fun backdrop because we were "On the Run" like Bey and Jay-Z.   The cute pinata was filled with naughty things and candy so I broke into it so we could enjoy it.  Pictured is Maria, my friend that generously made it.  

Photobooth time! 

 King's Highway at the Ace was our dinner and the pool at night was the perfect lounge spot.


"Of course sometimes shit goes down when there's a billion dollars bachelorette party on an elevator" 
The morning after, looking *FLAWLESS*.  

 I had so much fun this weekend and am anxiously awaiting my next trip to Palm Springs.  But with a healing tattoo, the next 2 months is out of the question.   There are so many fun details I want to post about but will have to do in separate posts.  I have about 800 pictures from this weekend...!

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*FLAWLESS* Papel Picado



  1. Hi! Where did you get your beachballs? (Especially the gold ones) and how did you write on them? Did you use stencil or print outs? Also, where did you find the sparkly letters for the banner?

    Love everything about this!

    1. Hi there Ro! The beach balls I got on beachballs.com. They have literally every color and size. The letters I cut out myself with vinyl I got at the craft store. (A cricut or silhouette cameo would have been so handy) The sparkly letters I made with cardstock. I printed letters for the font and then used them as templates to cut them out in cardstock, used a brush to put elmers glue all over them and then doused them in black glitter.

      Definitely put in some work, but it was all so very well worth it!

  2. Thank you!! Very helpful and job well done. :)

  3. Where did you get the letters for the flannel? and how big were they?

    1. I actually cut the letters out like a crazy person!!!! I printed the letters in a bold sans serif font (ex: bebas on dafaont) and then cut them out on the iron on paper. I just couldn't find the right sized letters at my local craft stores (plus buying individual letters is much more expensive).