A hashtag is important.  Not only for weddings but for events and collections of posts.  It's important to be specific if it's for a wedding, otherwise you'll click on your tag to find dozens of pictures from another couple's wedding.  Our's was #johnloveskarissa, and though not super creative or out of the norm, what are the chances of another couple with the names John and Karissa? (Sure it's possible, but not very likely.)   

I began posting under the hashtag long before the wedding day.  The first post in the tag is a diy I did for the engagement party!   I plan to continue to use the hashtag when referring to John and I on social media or when posting throwbacks to the wedding.  I also use the tag here on the blog with posts surrounding the wedding! 

Are you getting married or recently married?  What is/was your hashtag? 

Take the advice of Popsugar or Offbeat Bride when creating your hashtag.  

Or use a handy generator by Wedding Hashtag Wall or Wedding Wire.  


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  1. Coming up with a hashtag has been so hard for Kyle and I! I really like the idea of having a "timeless' hashtag, so that it can be used prior to and after the wedding. I love how all things related to you and John you can use your hashtag! It is such a fun way to document it all and find pics in one place. I have tried the generator websites and they are fun but totally just gives you hashtags that wedding day specific and i get that that is totally the point just not what we are going for.