DIT&O Weekend 9

Taken from my instagram @karissameoow.  

Do you know that feeling when you look around and think how amazing everything is?  I had that feeling on Sunday feeling the warm breeze while sitting poolside.   Balanced with both productivity and eased relaxation, we ended our weekend feeling accomplished, rested, and definitely ready for a good night's rest to start the week off strong.   

Saturday started with a hike at Fryman Canyon and ended with street dogs at home. The hike was first thing in the morning and I took my thrifted parasol with me to protect my fresh tattoo from the blazing sun.  Following the hike, John and I decided to get busy; me with cleaning and organizing the office and John with making breakfast.  He made his now specialty, chorizo fried rice.  (I think with his permission I'll have to post about it because it deserves it's own post.)  The day ensued with cleaning and sorting as we organize our considerable amount of stuff.  Meanwhile our cats Buzz and Vader made very clear they were to not be disrupted from their Caturday naps.  We worked around the cats and surmounted to make a great deal of progress.   A quick run of errands, led us home and hungry for dinner.  John took the lead again and made bacon wrapped hot dogs, or as they're called in LA, street dogs.  

Sunday's plan was simple, head to Santa Ana to enjoy a day with family and BBQ to celebrate the fathers.   My in-law's pool was the perfect temperature.  But, again, with a new tattoo, swimming is out of the question.  Nonetheless I lavished in having my legs dipped in the pool.  My in-law's backyard is an oasis with a beautiful swimming pool and exotic plants, it was the perfect setting for the summer solstice.   

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a productive week.  Our week days should not be pitiful compared to our weekends.  Having productive week days is something I am trying to work better on. With a full time job that doesn't consist of blogging, DIY-ing or crafting, it's difficult to set time (and *energy*) aside after working all day.   

How do you stay productive during the week?  


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