DIT&O Weekend 7

This picture was too perfect to not start with... Surprisingly this weekend felt really long, which is not usually how I feel come Monday.  Saturday was the longest day ever, and you'll read why.  It started with helping my sister-in-law and her family move.  Moving, as we all know, is THE WORST, so naturally, it wasn't fun.  Until I captured this gem below..... 

5 hours of packing, cleaning, moving a shower and a quick rest later, we were headed to DTLA for the first annual CatCon LA.  We were there for the last 45 minutes of it, but nonetheless, it was amazing.  

 This message, "All my clothes are covered in cat hair" is perfect for John, all he wears is black and all you see on it is Buzz's hair on it.   But, he didn't want to take a picture with it or with the #catdad sign.  

To my friends I am the ultimate cat lady, to myself, I am on the moderate spectrum of catladiness.  CatCon didn't disappoint, we saw new cat products, cat art and cat lady things.  No I didn't meet a celebrity cat, and no I didn't watch the many seminars (unfortunately).   I did subscribe to ModernCat Magazine and get 2 cool magnets of Boba Fett cat and Han Solo cat. 

A few of the vendors that intrigued me: Cat Lady Box,  Metal Cats, Kittyo (a gadget to watch, play and talk to your cats while you're away all from an app on your phone, oh and it dispenses treats on your command), One Fast Cat (an exercise wheel, perfect for cats with limited space to run their little hearts out), Katris (furnature made practicle for cat people), Catostrophic Creations (amazing wall pieces that are both great to look at and functional for your cat: bridges accross doorways, shelves up a wall with scraters), and Living in the Meow (t-shirts for the hoomans).  You can see for yourself all of the vendors they had, here.  

Next up was a drive to Orange County, Anaheim specifically for The Makery's OC Etsy Craft Party!   I had been looking forward to this for weeks!   I decided last minute to get my niece a ticket and she was really happy to hang out with her "cool aunt".  

We didn't get to all of the crafts because there were 6 of them!  By  the end of the night, I was dead beat.

Sunday on the other hand, was spent at home.  The whole day.  It started with avocado toast, yum, it was fuel for the busy day I had cleaning and replanting succulents.  Buzz was no help, as you can see.  

I had an overgrown pot from the wedding and I replanted all of them because they definitely needed room to grow.  As much as I love succulent arrangements, I want them all to grow big so they definitely need their own space.   

John and I with our housemate, cooked up an impromptu dinner and I set the table of course.  It was a nice evening on the patio.  Followed with cookies and a fire.  

All in all, a great weekend. 


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  1. Party pooper John! He should have totally taken a Cat Dad picture! CatCon looked so fun, next year I need to take my Bella girl!