DIT&O Weekend 6


This was already in the bench at our site.  #johnloveskarissa forevahhhh

Morning badminton. 

One night of camping followed by a night of glam at the Hollywood Bowl. 

Camp essentials: chips and salsa, magazines, book, hair twist for the messy hair, towel for lounging, pillows for comfiness, charging pack for phone, and of course necessities like food, drink and tent, duh.  We joined John's sister and the family and she cooked up delicious dinner and chilaquiles for breakfast the next day.  We played Uno, had drinks, and sat by the fire... it was a perfect evening.  Sunday we enjoyed the early afternoon at the beach that was close to the campsite and headed on our way to get ready for Bennett and Gaga at the Bowl.  Other than sitting next to the drunkest person in the bowl, it was a fantastic evening.  Gaga's every-other-song costume changes were everything.  Her dream came true because she was at the Hollywood Bowl, in a pink dress her sister made, and sang her favorite song, La Vie En Rose, watch for yourself

I'm so happy that my husband is back from traveling back and forth for a year now  that we can now enjoy weekends like these together.    


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