Weekend Happenings 4

Her daughter introduced her Principle who was one of the speakers, in English and in Spanish!  It was too cute. 

Saturday started early, which for me does not come easy.  I've always been a night owl.  But it started early in Pasadena with a lavender breve from Lavender and Honey and then at the University club in Pasadena for the Her Story Women's Conference.  We listening to each of the speaker's story.  They spoke with the model of "I used to" "and now I".  It's self reflective and really required them to speak from within.  Keynote speaker Dr. Lois Frankel's key points withing her talk were: 

"I used to think it was my job to make everyone else happy"
"I used to think I wasn't good enough"
"I used to not ask for what I wanted"

And she discussed why she used to think that and how she evolved to knowing it's only her job to make herself happy, she is definitely good enough and learning not to ask permission but to tell.   

She told a joke:  
The first female president is going to be sworn into office.  She's asking her mother to attend, but her mother says, "But I don't have anything to wear", daugher and President says, "mom I'll buy you a dress please just come."  Her mother goes and is sitting next to a man that says to her how proud she must feel of her daughter the President of the United States and the mother says "well yeah, but did you know her brother is a doctor".  

She talked a lot about how her "I used tos" came from her parents and their low expectations of her as a girl.  A male cousin of hers, recently during lunch said to her "we didn't think you'd amount to anything".  

From her book titles alone, you can see how her "I used tos" really changed for the better.  
Nice Girls Just Don't Get It, Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office, Nice Girls Don't Get Rich to name a few.  

Founder of the conference, Marianne Emma Jeff also spoke between the speakers and emceed the day, released her new book for $0.99!  

The Get it Done Diva's Guide to Business: The Definitive Guide to Getting it Done and Standing Out as a Leader and an Expert

 I could go on and on with the 8 pages of notes I took during the conference, but I'll spare you.  I learned so much, and still have much to learn from all of those inspiring women. 

 I picked up ramen and watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  Recommended by a friend last week, Iwatched the entire first season of the Netflix original by Saturday evening.    I took a glorious almost 3 hour long nap, which caused me to be up until 3:30am Saturday night.  But I was productive and made one of the projects that I've been really wanting to make.  

 The not so helpful Buzz slept next to me.  I'll post the finished product on a separate post! 

 Sunday was so productive!  John and I moved into a home with my friend a few months back and much of my craft stuff was still packed and piled in the home office.  I got to work organizing and setting up my desk.   Mission accomplished!  I look forward to getting home and having somewhere to get down to business.  

The not so helpful Buzz again, watching as I run around the house cleaning and organizing.  

After such a productive day, my housemate and I made dinner for a few friends and it was all delicious.  I wished Sunday would start all over, but alas, here we are on Monday.   I look forward to more weekends like this.  I really tackled my to do list.  

This is me, tired, with ice cream, wine and cats wishing Sunday would start over.  


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