Weekend Happenings 3

My parents' front yard
Sophie, a stray I rescued 5 years back.  
Goodwill carts! I was on the hunt for baskets.... and well I found them all. 

My mom heating up tortillas and some left overs. 
Ziggy relaxing in mom's studio. 
I wanted a kiss, Ziggy wanted to lick remnants of my food off my lips. 
Grilling up fresh octopus. 

A rooster and sombrero'd man play area at the taqueria! 
I was over ambitious.... these tacos are so meaty. 

Picking fresh jalapenos. 
John & Mia. 
My mom experimenting with different paints. 

This weekend was pretty busy.  I was up and about everywhere.  It started with an easy commute to OC to my parents.  My parents are regular thirfters, so I told them we had to go together because I hadn't been recently.  It was a pretty successful trip to the thrift stores!   Or as we call them, "la segundas", in Spanish segunda is second, we're basically calling them second hand stores.  Followed by linner (lunch/dinner) at my moms, but not too much to eat because I had plans to be at the OC Night Market.   I expected it to be busy, I did not expect what the reality was: 30 minute lines to order food plus wait time.  It was nice to see friends and be on the struggle for food together.  Next time, I'll definitely have a plan.  

Sunday, John took the train in from San Diego and as a surprise to his mom for mother's day, he didn't warn her.  I was so happy to have him for the day, I won't see him again for a few weeks.  We stopped and had tacos at one of John's favorite spots.   Because we were surprising John's mom, we planned on doing so when we visited his grandmother. While grandma gave everyone the tour of her garden, John surprised them outside.  John's mom gave him a sweet look and the best part, called him a stinker.  I told grandma about my houseplants so she gave me some cuttings for my collection (score!).  

After an as quick as possible errand to the mall, John and I stopped by my parents so he could visit my mom.  It was a quick visit but we enjoyed the backyard patio.  My mom was working on her art and we all chatted.   I wandered the backyard for plants I could take home.

After dinner at the Raya's with pie in our hands, my father in-law made an emotional thank you to the mothers, especially his wife but also his daughters for being such benevolent mothers and raising such great kids.  He also nodded to me as a future mother and joked if I had something to tell John, NOPE, nothing to tell here.  (I'll enjoy our freedom to sleep in and being solely a cat mom for a while longer, thank you very much!)

It was a nice day, especially so because the sun decided to burn off all of the gloom that had been looming the last week.   

To say the least... this morning was a rough one....


p.s.  I actually used my camera this time and not just my iPhone to capture pictures!   

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