Weekend Happenings 2

Homemade chilaquiles for breakfast. 
Breakfast put John in a food coma, Vader rejoiced it was Caturday. 
I love being the passenger. 
I want a patio to fill up with allll the things. 
John loves the camera. 
He's totally posing. 

Mini Sombrero! 
The hotel is so pretty and tropical, can't wait to go back! 
That moment I realized..... I wasn't the passenger anymore. 
Came home and reveled in my triumph over the weekend.  
  On weekends I hope get all the things done that I can't during the week and also celebrate the weekend with pure laziness on the couch with snacks.    That doesn't seem possible, but these last few weeks I've managed to find a groove.   This weekend started with a delicious brunch that I made for John and I.  It was the fuel we needed to get busy on chores.  I was able to clean up the disaster that was our bedroom.  It took a lot longer than anticipated, but we made our way to Santa Ana to see family.  

Our Sunday started in San Diego, where John is working the entire month.  We started early, so we could enjoy the day before I went home.  His hotel is a 5 minute drive to Old Town so we enjoyed brunch and walking around until the afternoon.  The Cinco de Mayo festivities had the area abuzz of mariachi and the taps of folklorico dancers on the stages.  I found myself a tiny sombrero on a headband and of course wore it all day.  We enjoyed margaritas and played loteria in the XXs promo area (I won once!).  Upon our return to the hotel, we layed by the pool and soaked up whatever sun was left.   As if our day hadn't been perfect enough, we took a 3 hour nap.  I was really dreading my 2 hour drive back to LA, but with a dirty chai and a great Spotify playlist, it wasn't bad.  And coming home to a clean room, sealed the perfect-day-deal.

 I'm so happy our LA weather is cooling off a bit.

How was your weekend?  Lazy, productive, both?


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