New Bonlook Frames


I've worn glasses since 6th grade, I've always had thick, dark frames.   Even as a kid I never understood why frames were so expensive.   Visiting the optometrist and buying frames from their limited selection in the office used to be what I thought was the only way to find frames.   But now the world wide web has a bigger and better selection and for a much better deal!   My first pair of online frames came from Warby Parker in 2011.  I had been lusting for clear frames for a few years and with no luck in any optometrist office, I found Warby Parker.  A few years later, BonLook to the rescue and I purchased the pair I've had the last year, Jack & Norma in chai, which I also purchased in sunglasses too (loved the frame that much).  I wanted a new set this year and to spice it up, a few frames because I figure, I wear glasses e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y I could use a few pairs to switch it up! 

I got Jack & Norma but in Champagne, Selfie in Dressy Tortoise (Which I think I want to exchange) and Ipanema sunglasses in black (I wanted the white tortoise but there is a waiting list!).

It took about 3 weeks of anxiously waiting and refreshing the tracking everyday.   Clearly I was really excited.  The Ipanema sunnies, are  by far my favorite!

I recieved the Jack and Norma frames in imperfect condition, but the customer service department has been really helpful.  

You can virtually try them on!  

Hope your week is off to a great start! 


p.s. I purchased these glasses myself and this post is in no way an advertisement for BonLook but rather my personal review. 

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