Flashback: March Beach Birthday

Planes above! 
Stud muffin giving me *the eyes*. 

In March my 26th birhday came and went.  My friends are accustomed to my elaborate parties over the years.   Parties take a lot of work and with a busy workload I wasn't up for  that challenge (unlike last year's Off to Neverland party).  This year we took it easy on the beach.  As southern Californians we take the ocean for granted, well I at least do...  Because winter in SoCal is not like winter on the opposite end of our beautiful country, my friends and I had been enjoying night bonfires every few weeks.  

We packed corn hole, volleyball, board games, card games, drinks and food and were ready for a day on the sand.  There are few beaches in LA that have fire pits, but there is a small gem of a beach, called Dockweiler.   It's right by LAX, as you're enjoying the natural beauty of the beach, planes take off above you.  Which may or not be cool to you, they're kinda loud, but I on the other hand think it's quite beautiful to watch.  It's like watching a giant bird fly off and I always imagine where it's going.  I made Mermaid Water, inconspicuously because it's illegal, so drink at your discretion.  We played games, listened to music and ate all the snacks.  I got cupcakes by my new favorite, Viva Los Cupcakes, margarita flavor!   They were perfect and everyone loved them.  The lime garnish on top is boozy too.   

It was a lovely day at the beach.  If you've never been to Dockweiler, it's a must.  

Happy weekend!   See you on Monday with Weekend Happenings! 


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