DIT&O Weekend 5

captured by mom

Tippy-toes for pan dulce.

My grandfather's front yard.  I grew up on it rolling around with the dog, Rags. 
My Pop-op going to show me his garden. 
captured by Genna 

captured by Genna
captured by Genna
captured by Genna 

For a three day weekend I normally take more time to plan and execute to fully utilize each hour to its fullest potential.  But this time I took it easy.   Spent time with family and overall a pretty lazy weekend. If I continue to post these DIT&O Weekends (formerly "Weekend Happenings")  regularly,  I think we might conclude I visit taquerias pretty often.    I went with my parents to Nuño Brothers for 1 taco.  Yes 1 taco each, because they use regular size tortillas not those tiny ones and load 'em up so all you need is one unless you're really hungry.   Next door to the taqueria is a panaderia and let me tell you, they were the softest and most delicious conchitas I've ever had (this might be why I had the hardest time at the gym today).     Visiting my Pop-op was nostalgic.  It had been months, probably years, since I had been over.  Thinking back the entire weekend was a bit nostalgic: went to the Stater Bros. where we used to get our groceries,  I saw that the video store a few doors down from Stater Bros., Videosky, that we used to frequent to get our new releases since the rentals were VHS had finally closed, and went to the Videosky that is still  in business about a mile away with John's sister to return her movies and get something to watch after dinner.   Having John home and sleeping in was perfect for the gloomy weather we had over the weekend, although I am really looking forward to some sunshine.  

It was a lovely, lazy weekend.  I'll take another anyday.  


p.s. My neice Genna captured some great shots, she played with focus and depth of field and I really love them.  

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