Daydreaming of a Palm Springs Getaway

Daydreaming of a Palm Springs Getaway

Daydreaming of a Palm Springs Getaway by karissapulido featuring H&M

We're half way to the end of the week and you can see where my head is... in the cloudless skies of Palm Springs.   Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess wasn't the first, nor the last to discover and fall completely head over heels of the place.   My mom first saw the Ace Hotel in Sunset magazine when it was more or less unheard of (5 years ago).  And to celebrate her birthday that year we visited, it was our stop before the Grand Canyon on our family vacation.  Ever since, my parents and myself have gone back dozens of times.

This past weekend I ventured into H&M for all of 30 minutes.  The store was full of banana leaf motif everything, pineapples, cacti and items that read "aloha beaches".  I wanted a lot of it which inspired me to put this Polyvore set together.  Where else do you find a tropical desert?  A conundrum in itself, but that's exactly what you would call a desert oasis of Palm Springs.   If you're planning a visit, definitely look on LivingSocial for weekend deals.  In my last visit in March, we stayed at the Hard Rock, visited the tramway and ate a nice sushi dinner, it was a perfect start to our spring break and pre-Vegas relaxing.


p.s. I realize I am posting a lot lately.  My goal isn't to post daily, because realistically, ain't nobody got time for that.  I have a hard time reading my favorite blogs as it is.  But to make blogging a habit, I will be posting regularly and soon will find my groove.  I appreciate your patience with me as I am getting comfortable with who I am as a blogger.   

p.p.s. Notice any changes around here?  I got a fresh update on the blog!  The template is by  She is an superb designer that is so responsive and quick, I highly recommend her! 

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