A few weeks ago, on one of my daily visits to Instagram.  I scrolled upon Jen Gotch's post that the Ban.do girls were having something called #bandohonorroll.  The ladies of Ban.do opened the doors to their office and set up 15 minute appointment slots. I jumped on the opportunity to get advice and ask questions to someone that works in the creative industry and is popular in the blogosphere. In the 10 minutes as I contemplated what my schedule was like on the Friday in question, most of the time slots were taken. Booked for 15 minutes with Gabriela Sanchez, one of Ban.do's graphic designers, and in my calendar, I knew I should be prepared for such a quick meeting but didn't think much about it. Until a few days later I received an email from Gabriela. She introduced herself and asked for links to my social media and blog. I responded with a little bit about myself and told her what I was interested in talking about. 

When I got there I was directed to wait in a room filled with disco balls, cotton candy and pink, bubbly drink- perfect right.  As I was already late, I didn't wait long (Friday afternoon LA traffic wasn't nice).  We chatted and she gave me her pointers on how to become a successful blogger. I took notes and asked questions. It was so nice to get an outsider's perspective on the whole thing. It's was has sparked me recently on being consistent and proactive with my plans as a blogger and my potential future here. 

When were finished I shopped in the pop up shop. Got myself a tumblr and drink koozie. Get yourself something cute and pink here!  (FYI they're agenda's are on pre-order now for 2015-2016! They sold out last year!)

What motivates you and really lights that fire under your, you know where?  Share in the comments! 


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