Weekend Happenings No. 1

Happy Monday!  

This weekend was so lovely I decided to share and make it a semi regular thing (we'll see how this goes...).   I ended my Friday with a pot of soup and a quick project.  I put a plant in R2D2!  If you've had the popcorn in Tomorrowland at Disneyland you'll recognize the container... I saved it and for a few weeks knew I wanted to put a plant in it.  

Saturday I celebrated my middle school's 15th anniversary or Quinceañera, really, that's what it was.  So I reminisced and looked at my scrapbook.  I ended the day spending some quality time with my parents.  

Sunday I dedicated to Artisanal LA as a volunteer.  I scanned people in, put on wristbands (got a lot of compliments for my nails), helped speakers giving talks set up, womaned the info table and anything else they needed me to do.   I didn't miss my opportunity to shop when I got a break.  

I rewarded myself with a churro ice cream sandwich..... mint and chip ice cream...... 

And ended the night with playing cards and enjoying this delicious jam I got at Artisanal.  

It was all perfect. 


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