DIY: Potted Pens

A DIY at last!  Just in time for mother's day too. This is a chic update on the elementary school classic.  Last year I made the cute pens and they've lived on my desk at work ever since.  But recently I was thinking of another way to display them (they were in a boring ol' pen cup) since they're cute little succulents. I remembered Mother's day being right around the corner and  I know I made at least one potted pen for my mom in third grade.  But also perfect for anyone with a desk anyone in need of something adorable with still a great amount of functionality.  And the saucer? Repurposed with paper-clips and post-its, it was a pure spark of genius (normally I'm much more modest than this).  

If you're anything like me.... you're particular about your writing instruments... ball point pens need to be write smooth and have dark ink, roller ball pen... I won't even get into it...  Because I love my pens so dearly, I really dislike when they disappear; someone borrows one, uses one on your desk and *POOF* it's gone forever.  

For the pen diy click here.

For the assembly of the pot, all you need is: 

one 4" pot, the height of your pens ideally
5" saucer, room for the clips and small post-its 
2 bags of pebbles, can also use aquarium colored rocks
paint, to decorate the pot (not done in this diy, but your pot can be totally customized!)

What are you making your mom for mother's day? 

Happy making!


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