Wedding Cake x Dough Exchange

John, the sharer. 
 I've been staring at wedding photos all week because I'm ordering a photo book, hopefully soon, but it's a time consuming process arranging the pages, photos and text!   It's also a reminder that I have so much to share about the wedding still.   Today, a look at the cake!  I think I've said before, I used to work at a restaurant in downtown Santa Ana, DTSA, called Playground.  I was a part of the opening team, and under the leadership of chef Jason Quinn, learned so much about the restaurant business and it changed forever how I dine and my expectations.  Talking about Playground, and my time there, could go on for-e-ver, on to my point...

Playground took DTSA by storm, and because of their success have carried on to open Dough Exchange, and more recently Lunchbox and Honor Roll in the new 4th Street Market

In the planning of the wedding, I no longer worked at Playground, but I knew Dough Exchange would be opening just before the wedding.  And Fawn, the pastry chef  magician, was in for making the cake!  We went with classic flavors: lemon for the top and bottom tier and strawberry for the middle slathered with cream cheese frosting.  I provided the flowers for it and I could not have been happier with it.   

My wish came true the morning after the wedding when I had cake in bed.  I am forever grateful to Fawn and my Playground familia.  


p.s. If you have never been to Playground and are in the Orange County or even SoCal area.... it's a must.  Read blog reviews here, here and here

Photos by the ever talented Ashley Lynn Richards.