Monthly Reflection: February

Thanks to Kickstarter, the world now has Angela Trinidad's lovely creation of a monthly/weekly planner, the Passion Planner.  Anyone that knows me, knows all about it, because I rave about to everyone.  Read all about it here, here and here and you'll understand why it's so amazing.  Every year buying my new agenda/planner is something I looked forward to doing.  I always had decisions to make when purchasing one: what size to get it, monthly only, monthly and weekly, do the weeks immediately follow the month or all the months then all the weeks, is there ample space to write, is it cute...... the list can go on... and I know I'm not alone with this obsession with planners/journals/agendas.  Anyway, when I found the Passion Planner on Facebook via a repost, I was sold and immediately pre-ordered it.   I can really appreciate writing things down, versus our smart phone's calendar, (which I use too).  Color coding, having doodle space,  quotes, etc  This planner, I know, will really make a difference in achieving my goals this year because I plan to use it to it's full potential.   

My favorite part of the planner is there is a seven question monthly reflection.  I love the page so much, I'm going to make this a regular post, to reflect on the month prior.     


1. Overall my month was an 8
2. The most memorable part of the month was buying my first brand new car!!
3. My 3 biggest lessons this month were: moving is hard (own less stuff and rent a truck), learning to choose my battles, and learn to better care for my body (eating better + Herbalife!). 
4. I am happy with how I spent my time, I took steps in the right direction.  Now I need to prioritize and get to work, on DIT&O and other things. 
5. I am different from January to February because I am feeling better about myself and my surroundings. 
6. I am so so so grateful for John this past month.  He was off of his regular job, but found extra work so we can save funds and on his off days he prepped for the move.  We also got to spend a lot of time together. 
7.  I've already kind of spoke to what I need to do from here on, but I want to: be more physically active (biking, jogging, walking, etc), blog more (this needs to happen, even if I'm talking about nothing and no one is reading), and get diy-ing! 

February for me was a social month.  My husband was home the entire month, (he has been traveling back and forth since last July) went to Rosarito with girlfriends (still need to post about this), bon fires at the beach, moving out of our first apartment, buying a car (this technically happened in January on the 31st), spent an entire week on field trips teaching ESL, 4th Street Market opened and so many other good things I could mention.    Using my Passion Planner, setting goals and creating better routines and habits is the name of the game now.   And it's my birthday month!

Happy Friday,

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