From the Archive: 18th Casino Themed Birthday

John and I.  John designed the banner that was also used on the cake. 

My parents and I plus BALLOONS! 

Happy Birthday Gryska! (Her birthday is March 17)

Today on the eve of my birthday, I share with you one of the decorated, festive, interactive parties I've had.  These parties would not have been made possible without my parents, who have always worked very hard to give my brother and I everything we've ever wanted.  My parents, who I love and appreciate very much, always went along and supported all of my crazy ideas.   When I turned 18, the theme was glitz and glam with a vegas casino themed party.   My favorite party decor item, you might guess are balloons.  The ceiling was covered with balloons and tied to chairs and the wall were vegas themed mylar balloons, of course, that we inflated ourselves with a rented helium tank.  

The casino tables my parents rented with the dealers, who I remember were all very friendly and taught us all how to play the games, like craps, which I had never played before.

Can't wait to share more "from the archive".  I have so, so many photos on my hard drive.


p.s. All photos are unedited.  

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