Vertical Ampersand Planter

Photo by Ashley Lynn Richards

I was so excited when Target, in their home decor section, had this metal ampersand wall art piece.  The price tag, originally at $34.99, I knew would eventually be on clearance- I love clearance, and sure enough a month later the ampersand was clearance priced at $17!!!! Oh happy day!!!    I posted a picture on DIT&O's Instagram (above) and Ashley had a great idea to make it a vertical planter.  

If you've seen any diys for a vertical planter, there is some kind of frame and on the top and bottom is mesh.  This ampersand already had mesh on one side, so what I had to do was cut a 1/2" mesh to fit in each section.  I traced the ampersand onto the mesh and then used wire cutters to cut it out.  I cut each section a little larger than the area,  and bent the sides up so that there was tension and the wire would stay in place.  All together, it probably took me 4 hours to complete, but that includes the time it too pick all of the succulents from a friend's house.   I filled the ampersand with good quality soil and then fitted the mesh into the sections.  Adding the succulents was easy, I used an aqua bulb to make holes to stick the succulents in sections of the mesh.   There were a couple of succulents that needed larger areas so I used the wire cutters to cut a section out of the mesh.  

I am so in love with the finished product.  

We took it to Joshua Tree and used it for our save the date photos that Ashley recently took.  

I definitely plan on making more vertical planters and will be on the look out for things that can be repurposed to make one.  

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