Succulent Pens DIY

While on my last visit to Michael's I found these artificial succulent pots.  I love them because they can't be overwatered, mistreated or otherwise killed!   (Woohoo to those with not the greenest of thumbs.)  What I also like is that you can have one of these cuties on an office desk and not worry about moving it to find sun.  

This weekend I am celebrating an amazing promotion I just received on Friday and I thought of this as a cute way to have pens on my new desk at work.  Working in a school office can lead to not being able to keep much on your desk as pens and post-its are constantly being used off of your desk!  I upgraded the flower pen that elementary students usually make as mother's day gifts with these super chic succulent pens.  I also used a great ball-point pen for them too, because if you know me, you know that I looooove pens.  These Poppin pens from Staples write super smooth and dark but they aren't the cheapest either.  

If you want to make these I suggest going to Michael's soon because these succulents are in their "bargain section" or what I call it, not-dollar-section.  You also need ribbon, pens and a glue gun.  Super easy. Traditionally those flower pens were made with floral tape, but the succulents are heavy so that is not recommended.   Glue on the succulent first and let it dry and then start by placing a dot of glue at the top and putting the ribbon, again let it dry because you will be pulling on it.  Then begin wrapping at an angle and every half inch place a dot of glue to secure.  

Happy Crafting! 

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