Looking Ahead

TheMotivatedType via Etsy

I am excited for what the future brings to this blog venture.  I can also foresee how much time, dedication, labor and love I will be expending to reach the goals I aspire— but it doesn't scare me.  Now that DIT&O is solely my project, I will be collaborating more, getting more sponsorships and planning more events.

Updating multiple social media accounts can be difficult, as a result I will be updating my personal Instagram and Twitter accounts (@karissameoow) more frequently with DIT&O related things while still  maintain the @helloDITO account.   Please be sure to follow! 

Aren't those prints above so motivating?  I thought so too, TheMotivatedType is having an Etsy sale  3 prints for the price of 2 so stock up and follow them on Twitter for a daily dose of motivation. 

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