Off to Neverland..... Karissa's 25th Birthday

Elsa's croc costume was so great!  She just added a paper teeth, tongue and cotton ball eyes to a green sweater!

Christina loved her gun. 
Captain Hook and Smee
My parents, John and I. 
The group. 
Jell-no shots! 

I love this candid. 

Friend, Aubrey, watching Peter Pan. 

that smile tho....

Everyone knows I love to throw a good themed party. As March approached this year everyone started to ask what my plans were for the big 25. Being kind of lazy from the planning and coordinating that Christina and I had done in the fall and winter for DIT&O I wasn't interested in putting a lot of effort into a big party nor was I initially interested in having a theme. Alas, you could imagine the disappointment that friends had when I said no theme, so we brainstormed over drinks one night when my birthday was the topic of discussion. We thought of a few, and when Peter Pan came to I knew that was it. 

As an only child for the first 6 years of my life all I would watch was Peter Pan. I was obsessed.  Some nights I watched it twice before bed. 

My parent's backyard, full of plants, greenery, and lounging furniture, was the perfect setting for Neverland. 
My mom has scarves and curtains hanging around the patio to block the sun during the day but it provides a flowing, private patio too. I wanted to have the movie projected at the party and John set it up perfectly.  It projected on a white curtain and was in perfect view.   Above the garage were Peter, Wendy, John and Michael silhouettes flying off to Neverland.  We had some scrap vinyl that John traced the characters on using the projector, luckily the vinyl was easy to cut with scissors because it was thick.  Each part of the backyard was labeled "Mermaid Lagoon", "Pirate Cove", and "Indian Camp".   The long black and white tassels from the NYE party were reused to decorate Pirate Cove.  

And that was about the extent of my decorating.  But really all we needed.  I was so happy everyone dressed up.  We had drinks, played XL Jenga and took a ton of pictures

Kadie helped me make Pixie Punch: prosecco, gin, cucumber, lime, and juiced cantaloupe. Chrstina made vegan jell-no shots and we put edible glitter on them! They were sooooo good.  We will be experimenting with the recipes soon to share with you! And thanks to my mom for making posole for when we all got hungry.  Also because of my BYOS (bring your own snacks) request, there were yummies like hummus, dips, sweets and things on a snack table.  

As far as our costumes, John and I went to Crossroads and I found my dress and he found that neon green shirt.  We had a good time putting them together.  I made the feather headdresses out of paper! (budget friendly!) My mom had so much fun putting my dad's costume together (Captain Hook).  She thrifted everything! 

It was such a great party.  Thank you everyone for coming, dressing up, bringing drinks and snacks!
Who would have thought?! A Peter Pan party for a 25 year old! 

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