Mani Monday

white // gold leaf

succulents & cacti // pink

yellow triangles // clear 

I go through times where I'm really interested in changing up my polish and other times where I just don't care to do it.  This past week has been a week I am having fun with spring nails.  I am a lifetime nail biter but keeping my nails perfectly manicured always helps to alleviate that.  I can't stand when my cuticles are a mess or when my polish begins to chip because it causes me to pick at my nails.  So at the sign of any significant chipping, I repaint, which can be twice in a week.  (And this isn't always a good thing for maintaining healthy nails

Currently I have the succulents and pink on and I hope it lasts for Coachella this weekend.  

Happy Monday! (I'm on spring break!!!)

Have fun with your nails and remember, nail art is hard and takes some practice.  

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 // hashtag #doittogetherandoften for all your spring projects //

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