Big Sister Promotion

One of our really good friends is having her second baby and we couldn't be happier for her family. 

 She asked me to create something for announcement pictures.  If you search on Pinterest, there's a lot of the same thing and even though you want to be original, there are only so many ways you could say, "I'm having a baby!" We did want to focus on Isabella becoming a BIG sister.  I researched and used little bits of inspiration from other announcements online. 

Andrea took some family portraits with the announcement and they came out so great.  I love the one of Isabella jumping, her toes are pointed, it's just adorable.  

Congrats again Andrea, Kyle and Isabella! 

[Photos taken by Cynthia Warden Photography]

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  1. Thank you so much for helping us with the sign Karissa! We loved the way the sign turned out . It was such a fun way to share the news with family and friends! Thanks for keeping our little secret all of those months.