Will you be my bridesmaid?

Genna, the Diva. 

Reason 1,347 why Genna is the best.

Genna is just holding it!  We are not promoting underage drinking!

The first couple of months of being engaged were filled with questions, "When's the date?", "What are you thinking for colors?", "What's the theme?", "How did he propose?".   I didn't have the answers to all of their questions, truthfully it's all overwhelming.  

To answer one of the most pressed questions, the date, we started brainstorming.  I knew I wanted a fall wedding and fall 2013 seemed so soon.  So we settled on fall 2014.

For the first two months I binged on wedding planning, mostly location hunting, contacting venues for prices and such.   We went to one venue, fell in love with it, and that was it.  We had our venue.  (more on it later.)  

Of course, I had a good idea of what friends I wanted to be bridesmaids.  It seems the trend lately is to have little or no bridesmaids.  But there were some people I wanted to have with me through and through (planning, walking down the isle).  I didn't want to just ask them casually, so this is how I asked them.

We had the engagement party because our engagement was going to be so long and everyone wanted to celebrate.  It so happened that the museum that is our venue was hosting their annual Victorian Fashion Show and Tea.  So I invited the girls and they didn't see my question coming.  The only person that knew I was going to ask them was my mom (John of course knew).

We watched the fashion show, which was so much fun!  There were outfits from the 17th century up to the early 20th century.  Then I found a spot on the porch of the Hale House and presented them with their gifts.  There were little frames inside that said "Will you be my Bridesmaid?", thanks to my mom for capturing the moment of them opening them and their reactions.  Too bad Teresa, our (mine and Christina's bestie) couldn't be there, but she is also a bridesmaid!

It was so much fun to see their surprise.

This weekend I try on dresses for the first time! Eeek!

Speaking of dresses, I found this Marc Jacobs dress while working at Crossroads.  It seemed perfect with the little velvet hearts on them.

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