Lovers Shop Block Party X Artwalk

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 We are so excited to announce that we will be a vendor in February's Downtown Santa Ana Art Walk at Brooklyn Harper's "Lovers Shop Block Party".  If you have yet to go in to Brooklyn Harper you are missing out.  Everything is so stylish and cute you will not leave empty handed, unless you have amazing self control– which we do not! 

"What’s all this love-commotion about?! Well, we’re bringing a different kind of shopping and Artwalk experience… a whole new light on the holiday of romance and swoon to Downtown Santa Ana’s Artwalk. We’d say it’s pretty original. Ok… so it’s more like a "side walk" and “taking-over-a-lil-bit-of-the-street” party than a block party. However, it’s just as cool! We’re compiling local artisans, vintage traders, and jewelers to offer lovers of all kinds to shop for their loved ones. Not to forget, we’ll also be getting down inside our store at Brooklyn Harper boutique. We’ve got the impressive, make-your-head-bop, DJ Bianca G on the set yet again to get all you lovers, singles, foodies, and shoppers in the mood… for a good time! Yes, foodies! Come with an empty stomach! We have a few food trucks lined up to fill your tummies!
Don’t be a Love-Grinch… come and support your local artisans and businesses. Not only are we hooking you up with some Valentine's gift ideas, but we’re also hooking you up with a sale! Tell your friends! Bring the BF or the GF! Come single, leave hitched (maybe)!"

(from their promotion email)

We will have our headbands (new colors too!), floral crowns to swoon your loved one with, and more!  

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