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I studied film while in college. It was always a blessing for someone who is knowledgable in film who can easily direct you to which films will best represent a genre. My friend David has just introduced me to the modern film genre, mumblecore. It's a pretty silly name, right? & it doesn't give you an idea of what the genre is about. 

Mumblecore is a defined as an American "subgenre of American independent film characterized by low budget production values and amateur actors, heavily focused on naturalistic dialogue." 

(I apologize greatly for citing Wikipedia. My professors would :smh: in shame.)

From what I've seen, Mumblecore greatly resembles French New Wave, my favorite genre of film. Both genres share the same characteristics above. 

So I decided to go to back to film school & watch a new mumblecore film weekly as a "homework assignment". I enrolled Keith into the class so we could DIT&O it. It's always more enjoyable to watch a film with other people. You notice more about a film when you are able to observe other people reactions as well. Oh, that was funny? It was funny, huh?!

This week's assignment was Frances Ha (2012). Once again, a title that doesn't give a clue to what it's about. I really enjoyed the film. One of the most noticeable trait of the film is that it's black and white. I love black and white films. Modern black and white films always intrigue me (The Artist, God of Love). I think it has something to do with my love for classic films.

Frances Ha is about an "undatable" 20 something New York dancer who is trying to keep her head above water. Frances doesn't seem to have anything going for her except maybe her very loving relationship with her friend Sophie, which at times isn't the best. The film is intriguing because we wonder if Frances is going to make a mature decision, or if things will finally work out for her. 

Frances Ha was filmed beautifully & the locations were greatly appealing (New York, the city's apartments, France). & I enjoyed the costuming as well. Keith mentioned that he hated Frances' clothes; made me laugh. 

I hope you check out this film. Fortunately, you can find Frances Ha on instant Netflix! I won't drop out of this mumblecore class, so I'll be back next week to introduce you to another!

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  1. ohh! Kyle and I will have to watch this on our next night off together!