Drinking Buddies // Mumblecore

Drinking Buddies (2013) is the first film that made me want to go to a brewery. It's another mumblecore film that I viewed for my make-believe film class. This film came out last summer and it's not as bad a reviewers made it out to be. Ticket proceeds didn't even cover the cost of production, which is truly unfortunate. I enjoyed it! Not as much as Frances Ha, though. I really enjoyed Nick Miller, er, Jake Johnson's character, Luke. He was a relatively good guy. & Olivia Wilde is truly gorgeous. It's so effortless for her. She was wearing tanks & her hair pulled back for the majority of the film & she's just flawless. 

Drinking Buddies can also be found on Netflix instant. It's a good Saturday afternoon film, but don't be surprised if you find yourself at a brewery the next day.

images from examiner.com

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  1. Umm Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson AND Anna Kendrick in one movie. Where have I been! Will def try to watch this soon!!!