Craftravaganza Thank You!

Wendy of Wendyful Designs 

Anna of Handmade with Love by Anna 

Sasha of From Zombies With Love 

Kaitlyn DeSpain

Kaitlyn DSspain 

Plushies by From Zombies With Love 

The SistersWood 


Iris of Unique Handcrafted Jewelry 

Little Munsters BOOtique embroidered phone cases 

Little Munsters BOOtique bows 
Ms. Crochet21

Pincushion Alley 

Our Craftravaganza craft fair in early December was a great success.  Other than the cold afternoon we had, our guests and vendors were all happy.  This was our second craft fair and we are happy with the success.  Whether or not we want to continue to have craft fairs we are unsure, and would love feedback. 

 Our  goal with our craft fair was to have a space for networking and community between friends and vendors/makers alike.  We are so happy to have inspired others to hold their own craft fairs.  Sasha of From Zombies With Love, has held her Zombaby Boutique twice and Wendy of Wendyful Designs is hosting her first, "Craft Fair to Remember" in a couple of weeks.

Thank you vendors for participating! 

Below you will find a list of our vendors from the Craftravaganza!  
In no particular order 

From Zombies With Love specializes in custom, handmade geeky item.  From plushies to hair bows, brooches to scarves, there will surely be something to make your inner geek smile! 

Handmade chunky bubblegum bead jewelry and accessories for little girls.  

"Creativity has no boundaries.  I've discovered this through the limitless expression as and artist–being and Illustrator for as long as I can remember versus my newfound passion for jewelry making.  My shop consists of original works and prints of my artwork, including notecard sets and handmade jewelry tidbits that are both simplistic and charming.  My expression is everchanging, but is the most familiar thing I know."

Custom gifts and accessories for everyone!  Tons of pillows, bags, plushies, and other Wednyful items! 

Pineapple Vintage  
Upcycled leather jewelry and accessories.  

A variety of handmade, odd-ball creations for home decor as well as unique fashion accessories.  Some creepy, but all crafty.  "I am a to provide the public with beneficial shocks."  -Alfred Hitchcock 

"Handmade jewelry; necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Semiprecious stones are used to make one-of-a-kind pieces. Some of the proceeds will go towards a group home for abused teens in Guatemala.  "

Professional seamstress.
For this event I will have small pouches made with Knoll and Momentum Textiles

Pincushion Alley 
pincushions, vintage, and unique children's clothes

Eve Gomez 
We are a shop that provides jewelry for people of all ages. We take inspiration from all we do and put it right back into our products. We take pride in our craft and eye for detail. We make accessories that elaborate on personality and give people that little extra to stand apart.

Crafting Cousins
Two cousins who love to craft mixed with a whole lot of collaborative creativity, inspired by everyday things. Janes of all trades, masters of none. We just like to have fun, and a majority of our fun comes from crafting. We invite you to enjoy our crafts as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Personalized Custom Marketing Gifts & Art, Materials range from Wood, Polymer Clay, Acrylic and more.

Iris Unique Handcrafted Jewelry 
Unique handcrafted and trendy jewelry at affordable prices.

Little Munsters BOOtique
We make all kinds of hair accessories from bows, to headbands and lace flowers. We also have bow ties. We also cross stitched iPhone cases.

Ms. Crochet21
Crochets hats, crochet scraves, headbands


To the Richmond Family, for lending their home!

Dee Dee & Tamberlyn Richmond for their help setting up!

Vicky and Perla for quickly putting those tassels that hung on the fence together! 

Sondra and Lori for manning the snack booth! 

John & Keith for helping with clean up! 

Ashley Richards for taking beautiful photos of the event again! 
(Find her work at Ashley Lynn Richards)

all photos taken by Ashley Lynn Richards

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  1. and Andrea for making like 100 tassels! haha

    You girls did a great job! I hope you put another event together! I know it is a lot of work but it really is a fun networking experience!