Photo-a-Day Christmas Advent Calendar

This month we are challenging ourselves and our DIT&O friends to take a photo a day leading up to Christmas and post it to Instagram.  To remind us each day to take the photo, here is a diy paper chain you can make and hang in your home!   When you look back at your Instagram profile you will have 25 pictures to remind you of your festivities leading up to Christmas.   So we can easily see all of the photos shared in the challenge hashtag your photo with #DITOadvent

There are hundreds of ideas for advent calendars online.  We challenged ourselves to think of something a little different and new.  Instagram is such a good way to track your own history– the other day I went through all of my pictures and it reminded me of the past two years.  (My first picture was of Buzz).  I even came across the photo-a-day challenge I started in September but sadly never finished (it's hard to keep up!).   It's also interesting to see how your Instagram aesthetic changes over time, which filters you prefer from time to time, different apps you use (ie BeautifulMess, Afterlight, Frametastic, Pic Collage etc.).   

Download and print the 5 pages on alternating colors.  (Weight of paper is not really important, but I printed on cardstock)

Cut along the lines. 

Using washi tape, begin the chain starting at one.  Continue the chain, in order, looping the next strip through the previous loop.  

When your chain is completed loop ribbon or twine through the chain, to easily hang and display. 

Hang your advent chain!

Even better, everyday after you take each picture, tape the strip to the wall.  Each day, add each strip to the wall and build a tree.  I embellished with a star and gifts.

Don't forget to follow DIT&O on Instagram and hashtag your photos with #DITOadvent! 

The challenge begins on Sunday! Over Thanksgiving get prepared and make your advent chain! 

We hope you accept this challenge with us! It will be fun! 

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