Cat's Meow Designs & Ashley Lynn Richards Photography

When deciding on what I wanted to do for my graduation announcements back in May, I initially went to I decided on what I wanted to order & was about to place my order but before I took the plunge I got some advice from Keith's mom. She expressed to me that companies overcharge for things that can be easily made yourself. That got the ball rolling.

I spoke with my dear friend & graphic designer, Caitlin, about designing my announcement and she was more than happy to help. I sent her my inspiration, from Pinterest of course & she designed exactly what I wanted! I printed them on card stock & had them cut.

I also spoke to my sister, Ashley about senior photos. She's a photographer by trade so I knew they would be great. The photos look as if they were taken in a studio, but in fact they were taken in front of my garage! We taped some wrapping paper to the garage door and the natural light was perfect. It was completely Ashley's idea to make the photos into a photo booth strip. I loved the unique spin on senior photos. 

I will never regret having my announcements designed by Caitlin and photos taken by Ashley. Their outlook on this project really made it special. If you ever need any design work done you can find Caitlin at her website Ashely's online portfolio can be found here where she specializes in portrait photography. 

Thank you so much for your help ladies!

- Christina


  1. The cards are beautiful! I adore that font :) Also, the photos of you are so cute! Congrats :D