Tea & Social Photobooth

Photo booths are a necessary to do for everyone of our events. They're entertaining for guests, memorable and easy given the correct equipment.

The backdrop 

As themed and festive our gatherings are, we try to think of equally as fitting backdrops for our photo booth.  For our tea & social we went with a design sponge diy for the tissue paper flowers. (Made by friends Caitlin and Andrea. Thanks for the help gals!) We staple gunned 1/4 inch square fencing wire to the side of my parent's garage and put the stem part through the wire to secure.

The props 

This time we went with standard mustaches, a couple of thought bubbles and one little paper fox.  Like the idea for the backdrop I like to keep the props in line with the theme. I love frames (more on that later) and had an empty frame as a prop that I found while thrifting. I also had a decorative wooden ampersand that was perfect.

Our favorite snaps
As you can see, everyone had such a good time snapping away.  

Later this week we will give you a rundown of our equipment set-up! 


Photos by: Ashley Lynn Richards Photography

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  1. oh I love the ones of Isabella! How cute! We had so much fun that day.