Tea & Social Paper

I love looking at the pictures from our #teatimewithDITO.  The pictures that Ashley and Dee Dee captured are beautiful and depict the day so perfectly. 

 I went with a hand written look for the postcard and continued the theme throughout the other printed paper we needed.  My favorite to illustrate was the itinerary, I just loved the "to do list" because we love lists and being able to check off things you did that day is fun!  

Upon sign in each guest received a notebook, the day's itinerary and a questionnaire I created for fun.  They were so much fun to read and really informative! 

Drumroll pleasssssssse, here are some of the results of the questionnaire questions: 

photo by friend, Dee Dee 

photo by friend, Dee Dee 

 It was fun to see what everyone is reading and interested in (other than DIT&O, of course).   

We still have so much to share about the #teatimewithDITO!  
Until then, 


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