Screen Printing our DIT&O shirts

I learned to screen print while volunteering at the UC Davis craft center.  It's a simple concept, you have a screen with your positive image burned onto it and you pass ink through it onto a shirt with a squeegee.  It does take a lot of supplies to burn your image onto you screen, but my lovely fianceé built a lot of it so we can do it right in our apartment.  The pressure washer hooks up to our sink and I wash out the image in the tub!  

Photo captured by Ashley Richards 

screen set up on press, ready for ink

Before printing straight onto shirts, I printed on sheets of brown craft paper.   I used those pieces of craft paper with DIT&O screen printed on them to make the paper bunting we hung at the tea party! 

Paper bunting captured by Ashley Richards 

Looking forward to making more shirts! 


You can find Ashley on her blog here

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