Patchwork Edible

Over the weekend Nicole and Delilah of Patchwork held the Patchwork Show Edible Edition.   It's "an annual creative food summit in southern California bringing visionary chefs, authors, bloggers, handmade craft vendors and food artisans together with attendees for two days of eating, learning, tasting and shopping."(Patchwork Edible website) We went hungry, had Seabirds avocado tacos, potato taquitos and caesar salad, beer and walked around to see all of the food and craft vendors.   

On our way out we noticed a DIY was about to start so we hung around for it.  Helena and Helen of this is not a pop-up put on the boquet garni diy.  A boquet garni is a small bundle of fresh herbs that you put into soups or broths for flavor.  You wrap them with twine and toss in to pot, just before serving you just remove it.  We used oregano, tarragon and bay leaf.  Though there was sage on the table, it was suggested we didn't use it because sage is strong and becomes the dominant flavor.  

We also made some sage olive oil.  To make it you use washed and DRY sage, bruise (rub it between fingers) it and put it in your olive oil.   Whatever herb you choose to infuse into the olive oil must be dry because bacteria can grow on water, and not on oil.  The last mixture we made was a lavender salt, I am so excited to use it! (recommended on fish, but because Christina and Caitlin are vegan, it would also be good on roasted potatoes, yum!) 

Another one of our favorite parts was the bus ride to the SOCO lot from the parking areas not far away.  The shuttle was the Big Red Bus, when we left the sun was perfect and I got some good pictures of Caitlin and Christina.  

on the patchwork bus on our way to the event!

karissa & her new patchwork jar!
caitlin and her beloved seabirds avocado taco
the diy stage schedule for saturday october 5

The ladies of this is not a pop-up
materials used

our completed boquet garnis 
sage olive oil 

christina & caitlin mixing up their lavender salt 

beautiful caitlin 

fun in the bus

It was such a lovely day!  As a guest, all of the hard work done by Patchwork organizers, volunteers, vendors and performers, did not go unnoticed! We thank you for organizing a great event! 



  1. You three are so freaking adorable!

    Glad you guys had fun! I am excited for Patchwork in December!!!

    1. Thankss!!!!!! Christina and I didn't even plan on dressing similar! Both wearing cream tops and leopard belts!

      We missed you though!