Echo Park Lake

For the entire time John and I have lived in LA, Echo Park Lake had been closed.  It reopened 3 months ago and we finally made time to go.  The Cafe at the Boathouse serves Intelligensia coffee  and espresso bar with food by Square One.  We had a bite and coffee while catching up with friends before embarking on our paddling mission.  The menu is decently sized, the portions seemed small but it sure is convenient.  

The paddle boat rentals are $10 per adult and there are 2 and 4 seaters.  Because we were all catching up we chose to sit in a 4 seater.  They didn't really give us a time limit, when we asked about one the guy just said, "yea an hour if you hang even that long." So they didn't seem strict about the time at all.  There were also plenty of boats and it was decently busy.  

It definitely reminded us that we need to explore more of the city we live in.  
It was such a nice day we really enjoyed sitting on the water and talking.  One of us mentioned fish tacos so of course we had to go to Best Fish Taco in Ensendada after. 

 Hope everyone had a good weekend! 


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  1. How fun! We need to take Isabella out to do this when Kyle get's back for Seattle!