Christina's Corn-Hole Boards

I first fell in love with cornhole when I played it at a local brewery. The game is simple, throw bean bags (filled with corn kernels, hence CORN) to a board that has a hole (hence HOLE). (Cornhole is such a silly name & the majority of people are not familiar with it, so it always needs to be explained.) When a bag lands on the board, your team gets one point. When a bag lands in the hole, your team gets three points. You get to throw four bags per turn. The scoring of cornhole is a little complicated so I suggest Googling it, or making up your own rules. But we play to 21 where you can take points from your opposing team. This game gets a little more complicated when beer is involved, and that's generally the case. 

When I graduated from college this past May I thought it would be fun to have cornhole at my graduation party. Surprisingly my boyfriends parents bought me a set. My boyfriend and I painted them to give them some much needed character. 

We used cornhole during our Tea & Social & they're a hit for everyone!  Expect to see this game at the next DIT&O event!

- Christina

P.S. - The Krylon spray paint didn't work very well. I repainted the white with Bear paint.

Photos by: Ashley Lynn Richards Photography & me. 

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